Why I’m Travelling

My name’s Maddie Hastings, I just turned 34 and I’ve decided to quit my job to travel the world.

 Try not to hate me too much.

Working in London, I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life committed to my job. My holidays have been last minute affairs, whisking off to mainland Europe for long weekends at most. Unlike most kids today, I didn’t get a chance to take a gap year.

educational-books-1552065My childhood school days blended seamlessly into two years spent at college and they bled right into my five years spent in University. When I finished my Masters, I had been in full-time education for a whopping 17 years. I was in debt and I needed a job.

So, even though I had the urge to travel, I moved to the city and got lost in 12-hour days and endless meetings. My days were always fully scheduled and my life became long stretches of work, punctuated by the occasional lie on a Saturday and country break.

View Of Busy Stock Traders OfficeMy job, in the Marketing Industry, kept me engaged for the most part of 10 years – I progressed and yet I felt that I wasn’t making the most of my dwindling youth. 20 days of holiday a year were quickly frittered away on Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries; until I felt that all I was doing was celebrating other people’s milestones. Instead of creating my own.

There was no bad blood between my previous employer and I, when it came to handing my notice of resignation. Loyal to the company for a decade, I felt that I had earned my right to a break – and it was time to do what I should have done when I was still in my twenties: travel the world.