Plan’s Derailed By A Forgotten Wedding!

bag packedI was so close to booking my flights! Hours, if not minutes, away from pulling up a website and putting down the cash. My bag has been packed for a few days now, the bare essentials all crammed into a conveniently sized carry-on rucksack. I’d even found someone to look after the flat whilst I was out of town. The mortgage is sizeable and I figured, if I was going to be off work for half a year, I may as well have someone help me pay it.

My research was complete, my route was planned – the only step left to go was to book the flights.

I was on the precipice of booking when I received an email from my Assistant. She had a few questions regarding her new responsibilities during my time away, and in the post-script casually told me to ‘have a great time in Scotland!’ This final message triggered a memory that I had buried under months of work. There was a reason why this weekend was special, and it was more than just the beginning of my travels. I needed to go to a wedding.

Carol, one of my best friends from University, was getting married. She’d moved to Edinburgh around the same time I’d made the move to London. We hadn’t had many opportunities to see each other since then, but we always made time if we were in the same neck of the woods. I’d received the invitation well over 6 months ago – and would have missed it had it not been for my excellent Assistant. If she’s still there when I get back, that woman is getting a raise.

best girliesSo, instead of spending one last weekend inside my comfortable routine, I’m going to Highland Heather Lodges in Scotland!

I’m pleased really. Although I would have liked to have bought one last Starbucks and said goodbye to Michaelangelo, it’s better this way. I’ll be able to pack up my bag and head to the Highlands in full on travelling mode. There’ll be a load of old friends there as well as a whole bunch of new people that I can get to know, it’ll be like a trial run for my first night away – all set within the gorgeous Scottish wilderness.

The lovely cottages they have up tskye islandshere were booked months ago, after a brief chat with Carol she’s confirmed that all I have to do is turn up. She knows how little I care for taking on a role at a wedding. I much prefer to just be a slightly swaying face in the crowd, with no responsibilities so I can relax and have a good time. This should be a glorious weekend of comfort and luxury before I lower my standards and hit the hostels.

As I’m writing this, I’m confirming my flights out to Greece – my first port of call. I’ll be flying out of Liverpool to save on flights, and landing in Athens in the evening. So, for now, its time to say goodbye to my lovely flat for the next 6 months, and say hello to the open road. Wish me luck!